We are a company specialized in the transformation of plastic to provide solutions to packaging projects. Thanks to our innovative design and manufacturing processes, we have more than 25 years providing solutions to the maquiladora industry.

We are designers and manufacturers of packaging such as thermoformed trays, blisters, clamshells and special projects.

Our strategic location in the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas and our presence in the industrial sector of the Northeast of the country has allowed us to collaborate on projects with international companies that dominate the region and position ourselves as the benchmark company for plastic technology solutions.


For more than 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing solutions to companies within the most demanding industries in the north of the country, through this time we have grown in experience and evolved our systems of operating and meeting the challenges of our clients.

Every year that has passed has been a process during which we have invested in the acquisition of technologies that allow us to optimize our production and the services we provide.

But reaching today, it was not possible by the hand of a single person, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and acquiring the talent to form a solid work team and with the skills to respond in an agile and effective way to customer requirements. We all collaborate under a work culture that integrates each department that makes up our company.

Thus converting my commitment as director, in making Plastipack the best company to collaborate with.


At Plastipack we keep our certifications up-to-date and we work with the rules for the correct handling of materials, safety and hygiene, we promote an environment under a business culture that develops, motivates and offers well-being conditions to our work teams so that they are benchmarks in the treatment and attention to our clients.