We have a team made up of designers, engineers and commercial consultants with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of packaging that meet the specifications of our clients.

At PlastiPack we are dedicated to the manufacture and design of plastic packaging, mainly thermoformed packaging such as blisters, clamshells and trays. We serve different types of industries such as:



Industrial trays are ideal for the internal handling of delicate components or for the transport of merchandise in B2B sales between companies in the electronic, automotive, medical or pharmaceutical sectors.

We produce our trays in different materials such as PET, PVC, ABS, PP, HDPE and HIPS. In addition to handling a wide range of colors, antistatic coatings and raw material gauges.


BlisterPacks are one of the most widely used packaging in industry and B2C commerce.

They allow the products to be transported safely and also serve as presentation packaging for direct sale to the consumer.

By combining other features the BlisterPack allows you to display your brand and other printed elements that add value to your consumers.


This type of packaging is the most used in the food industry, as it offers excellent visibility and protection to the product.

Its design is versatile by allowing unique and complex shapes that adapt to the safe transport, storage and preservation of products.

Using a Clamshell type packaging provides added protection for both your product, the seller and the end customer.


If you need to develop a new project or resume the manufacture of your packaging, we are the specialists, with our service we will help you reduce costs, waiting times and obtain a quick and personalized response when you need it. Plastipack we are the company you need to develop your plastic packaging projects.